Spicy Bean and GABA Rice Slice

I love creating great food and this is recipe is a winner.  It is easy, tasty, vegan, and a complete protein source.   Using beans and rice together provides the complete protein, and soaking rice increases the protein value too.  Allowing the rice to sprout increases GABA and that’s what I’m all about.   Soaking and fermenting all grains and legumes reduces phytates and increases the nutrition value of the food.

I don’t worry about allowing the beans to sprout, just the rice.  But I do let some fermentation occur because this is beneficial too.  The best way to soak beans legumes and grains is in an acidic medium.   Kefir is my acidic medium of choice, followed by yogurt.  I like it because the bacteria also ferment the beans and grains and to some extent this assists in reducing phytates.  I usually let my grains, beans and legumes soak about 24 hours.  Generally I make a bunch of them and then freeze them for later use.  They are convenient, cheap and a top source of nutrition and you can’t beat beans for value.


High speed blender
Mixing bowl
Pyrex or other safe cookware oblong/ rectangle / square slice dish
Wooden spoon
Chopping board
Sharpe knife

That’s it!


Spicy Bean and Sprouted Rice Slice
3 cups sprouted rice, dried
4 cups soaked black beans, cooked.
1 Tablespoon of cumin
1 Tablespoon of sundried tomato powder
1 Medium red onion
Pinch of chili or to taste
Large pinch of chipotle pepper or to taste
1Clove garlic crushed (optional)
Sea salt
Fresh Cilantro (also called Coriander) about ½ bunch or to taste

Grind the rice on the grain cycle of your Blendtec or other high speed blender.
Cut the onion up a bit and put into the blender and dice it up
Mash the beans well either by hand or in your blender and add to the ground rice mixture
Add the remaining ingredients
Grease your dish with olive oil and place the mixture into the dish
Place in low oven, about 250-300F until firm.

Serve either hot or cold.

This can get a bit dry but a good spicy salsa served on top prevents this gives this slice an extra zing.  Serve with a green salad and some sweet potatoes

Left overs make excellent lunches for work

These don’t look good as patties.  Trust me.

Your beans should be cooked until they are very soft.  If you have hard water this will be difficult to achieve.  Its best to buy distilled water and cook them in that.  Don’t add salt – it makes the skins hard

To help prevent gas cook your beans with a bit of kelp.  It works, not 100% but quite a bit.  It also adds some valuable minerals too.

Fermenting  your beans with kefir also helps prevent gas because the bacteria digest some of the raffinose which is an indigestible carbohydrate that is responsible for creating  the gas we all dread.

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