Optimized Irvingia and Brazilian Lean For Losing Weight?

The other day I posted about African Mango and said I thought I’d try it.  Well – I actually put my money where my mouth is and bought some.  I got the Optimized Irvingia with Phase 3 calorie control complex – what ever that means.  And, I didn’t stop there – I went ahead and purchased the recommended product Brazilian Lean with acai.  I don’t really know what got into me – I guess I just thought that if I’m going to try this I think I’ll do it right.  So I have been taking them for 4 days now and am not unhappy.

Optimized Irvingia and Brazillian Lean might help

I might have actually lost a couple of pounds. I can’t be sure – weight can fluctuate easily like that so if it stays gone by the next couple of days it will be proof.  I have definitely found that either one or both of them take my carb cravings away and I am not nearly as hungry either.    Actually I feel pretty full very easily.

Losing Weight

That was something I didn’t expect. When I realized that there was a definite effect I thought I’d look at the ingredients more closely.  (Yes – I did look at them before I purchased but knew a cursory amount about some of the ingredients).  Oh, and the other thing that I should say is that you are supposed to include a sensible diet and exercise for maximum benefit.  That’s fair enough – but I haven’t changed anything much yet in that regard. You are supposed to take them for 12 weeks with the sensible diet and exercise.   I agree with that.  Anything you take for weight loss is only supportive of your efforts. You can’t kick back on the sofa with a bag of chips or a pint of ice-cream and expect great things.

The only other time I’ve taken any kind of diet supplement except for the time when I was way younger and bought green tea patches.  Now that was stupid. I got ripped off big time because it was one of those – ‘we will send you patches every month and bill your credit card’.  It was so hard to cancel and you can read about that experience here.   I mention it now because when I was looking for a source to buy the African Mango I came across one site that is heavily publicized across the net. This site makes you do the very same thing – give your credit card details and agree to receive the product every month and they will charge your credit card.  You’ve got to agree to the terms and conditions in order to by this particular African Mango  product so if you check that little box that says you agree and you don’t bother to read the terms and conditions you will get a shock next month.  Of course they say that you can cancel at any time by calling them – but my recommendation is don’t do it because you might find yourself on the other end of a phone that never answers – like I did with the green tea patches.

Optimized Irvingia and Brazilian Lean – what is it anyway?

So what is in these wonder pills anyway?  African Mango – we already discussed on this post.  The type I purchased have these additional ingredients besides irvingia gabonesis:  Here’s the run-down on the other ingredients:

Iodine supports the thyroid which helps to control metabolism
helps to balance blood sugar and depresses appetite
Polyphenols from brown seaweeds: kelp and bladderwrak:  The Natural Standards Data Base rates seaweed as having insufficient evidence to rate as effective for obesity – more studies need to be done
Green tea
prevents synthesis of fats and boosts metabolism read my post here
White Kidney Bean
Extract: reduces starch metabolism: The Natural Standards Data Base reports contradictory evidence.  Some studies support evidence for weight loss and some don’t.
: reduces starch metabolism

I might post more in detail on these individual ingredients at a later time but for now it looks like the product improves metabolism, decreases appetite and reduces the breakdown of sugars which has in its turn – a number of effects.  Controlling the breakdown of sugars means food is less quickly absorbed to the blood stream, this leads to less insulin and less insulin means less fat storage.   (Of course, I am NOT talking about diabetic hyperglycemia which is a different story altogether)

OK so what about Brazillian Lean.  This is what it contains:

Green tea and Kelp which we just covered
Despite all the hype, the Natural Standards Data Base rates acai as having insufficient evidence for anything.  Its big thing is that it is a fruit very high in antioxidants and contains essential fatty acids.  But then so do many other fruits.
Carcinia Cambogia
: this also is an appetite suppressant.  It’s meant to increase metabolism by increasing body heat.  Well that’s something I really don’t need – but I have to say that I haven’t noticed any difference there.  The Natural Standards Data Base says that it’s possibly ineffective for weight loss, but mixed evidence says that it sustains satiety.  Well I can definately attest that something is filling me up and for relatively long periods of time.
Caffeine Anhydrous:
speeds up metabolism.  The data base says that it is has shown some evidence for weight loss, but only in conjunction with other ingredients, none of which are in our formula.  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work in combo with what is in Brazilian Lean
Apple Cider Vinegar
: This one helps in regard to normalising blood sugar. What it does is reduce the degree to which blood sugar rises after you eat a meal.  That means you don’t have to release loads of insulin to take the sugar out of your blood stream.  Great for diabetics or those with insulin resistance, but it wouldn’t necessarily cause weight loss.   I do like it though, for its effect on blood sugars.  Apparently acetic acid retards the digestion of starch, but the data base doesn’t comment on that.
This ingredient is there for the soluble fiber.  Well soluble fiber does reduce appetite, and the manufacturers of Brazilian Lean talk about its cholesterol lowering capacities.   Its got 50mg of grapefruit.  You need about 1200mg of soluble fiber per day, so I don’t think its such a big deal.

The ingredients in Brazilian Lean appear to do pretty much the same type of thing as the additional ingredients in optimized Irvingia. That is – speed metabolism, prevent some starch digestion and decrease appetite.

Well I guess I’ll just have to keep you posted.  The only thing I know for absolute sure is that my appetite is way down and I feel full much quicker and for longer.

Tonight for dinner I had about 3 ounces of fish, a large green salad and about 1 cup of wild rice.  I feel as if I’ve eaten a humungous 5 course meal with heavy food.  It’s this way all the time since I’ve been taking the supplements.  There’s no doubt that what ever is in this mix is decreasing my appetite.  Normally I’d be fighting with desires to eat other sweet things, but I can honestly say that it’s not an issue.  I’m full. That’s it.

So I guess that’s good news isn’t it. If I don’t start dropping pounds soon I’ll be forced to get on the treadmill – I should do that anyway – I honestly doubt if I’ll lose much weight without it – but I will surely let you know how it all goes.

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