Matcha Green Tea

Ever heard of Green Tea Sugar?
Well I hadn’t – not before today that is. I was surfing around the net looking for a recipe for Golden Syrup – which is a treacle type of thing that Australians use to make Anzac Biscuits (Anzac Cookies in American Lingo). You don’t usually make golden syrup – it’s a bit like making your own maple syrup – but Golden Syrup isn’t easily available in the USA so I decided to make some. I did find my recipe but I came across an advertisement for Green Tea Sugar and I just had to check it out!!

It’s made by a company called Crystalvine that make specialty salts and sugars. This is really for the gourmet cook. They have a patented edible granulated base made from natural products which is infused with plant based colours and flavors. The products are pretty steep in price but they look fantastic – they are calling the sugars and salts nutraceuticals. They use a range of flavors, from blueberry to saffron and everything in between.

I guess it’s true that they do have nutraceuticals in them – any plant is in fact a nutraceutical because the term refers to the active constituents of the plant – the phytochemicals which are protective for our health. But it’s safe to say that you’d have to eat a lot to get the benefit – and maybe that would no longer be a benefit. But none the less the products are really developed for flavor and effect – and they do look amazing.

Since the Green Tea Sugar got my attention- I decided to check it out a bit more. It’s blended with Matcha Green Tea powder which gram for gram has 10 times the polyphenols of regular teas, 9 times the antioxidants of red wine and 4 times the betacarotene of carrots.

Because the whole leaf is ingested it is much greater in potency when compared to steeping the leaves in tea. Also it is grown and processed differently. It seems to be a bit of an art form. I also found some recipes that use Matcha so I think I’ll just get myself some and play around a bit to see what I can come up with in the kitchen.
With the benefits that Green Tea has for health maybe its a good idea to add green tea into all kinds of foods, for a different twist. If I come up with a good recipe I’ll let you know. If anyone is experienced in cooking with Matcha I’d love  hear your experience of it and try your recipes.

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