Loving your new healthy living

Do you feel like it is really time for you to change something about your style of life and make it healthier? But you are afraid, you won’t like healthy living a bit. Well, then this article is meant to help you and to let you know you are not alone. Many people would  gladly changed their life for better, but after reading all the new lifestyle and diet instructions, they feel like it would be too much trouble or they would simply hate it. So, is there a way to start living healthy life you can actually enjoy? Let us attempt to answer this question.

“Wide is the way that leads to destruction” – this well known Bible phrase can be applied to most unhealthy habits we develop in our lives. In fact, we do all kinds of things to ruin our health and for a time we actually enjoy doing them – and in moderation they are fine, but in excess bad health. Of course, I am talking here about various bad habits, little physical activity and poor diet or eating lots of junk food, etc. Some people feel as if life wouldn’t be worth living without those things. And, the problem with switching to healthy living is in having all the pleasures go out of our lives. So, for most of us, it is either living a fun life now and getting health problems and dying young or living a long, upright and boring life and dying an old grouch.

Personally I do not like either of those ways of living or dying. I want an alternative and there is one, at least I have found it for myself. However, as with most things in life there is still one ‘but’ in this solution. It really takes guts to put it to life. So, here it is: instead of changing your unhealthy habits and life routine bit by bit, such as eating or drinking habits, or little physical activity, change your entire life style, finding new healthier interests in life you can enjoy. You have to realize that in reality, all those poor living habits are not the roots of your health or low happiness level problems. They are only symptoms of deeper matters. That is why I am talking  about changing your life and about it taking guts to do so. Believe me, there are some deeper cravings than eating junk food or overeating hiding inside of you. And if you can only discover and meet them if you can treat the root cause, you can make peace with food and get rid of all the symptoms of unhealthy living.

But, many times we do not realize that our health or happiness problems and our bad habits are only symptoms and we fight against them with all possible and impossible ways, as some kind of modern Don Quixotes. We never attain the desired results, but we keep on fighting and suffering, making our lives unpleasant. So, how do you come to love your new healthy living? My way is by coming to love yourself and discovering your real life desires, cravings and consequently your real life potential.

Changing your approach to healthy living changes everything and provides a person with many different options and real solutions, they would have never thought about before. For example, growing up in a city, I never suspected I had a craving to work on the land and to grow my own vegetables. But I discovered I did. You won’t believe how it changed my life for better and how satisfying those changes are. Besides, they are very healthy. It does take much physical work to till even a small kitchen garden. And, for me personally it is a much better alternative to workouts in a gym. I always thought myself to be too lazy for working out, it was a constant trial to me. But in reality I discovered, I was simply bored with gym workouts.

Now I do lots of ‘exercising’ growing my own food. It takes lots of walking, bowing down, etc. But it is exciting for me to see my garden flourish. And, after couple of months of this hobby, I looked in a mirror and could not believe my own eyes. I always had weak and thin arms. No muscles there. But I discovered I grew some nice little and fit muscles there without even noticing I did so or without any particular and unpleasant efforts invested into it. I really love now the new look of my arms and my belly! I got great results fast, but without even knowing it. I simply started to do what I like. And that’s it.

Besides, gardening I have found the best way for me to reduce the level of stress and stay calm. Now my life is much more enjoyable than it used to be, and it is much, much healthier! Of course, you need to find out what you like because the key to happiness and a healthy life  is to find out what you really want to do and start doing it. Go back your childhood dreams. Take time to talk to your inner being. Discover what is it that you have sacrificed in the course of your life and what is giving you this constant hidden ache and makes you ruin your body by developing unhealthy living habits.

I believe, the best cure for unhealthy life is deep inner satisfaction and happiness. If you are happy, it won’t be a problem to get rid of some of the destructive things you do in life, at least you won’t feel like it is a big sacrifice anymore.  I think, gaining deeper satisfaction of life is much healthier than getting yourself into a ‘healthy’ food or working out routine you simply hate, because negative emotions will bring down to nothing all the positive healthy living effects. So, get to work changing your life to what you really want it to be, start living a happy life and health will come naturally.

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