Keeping your skin healthy

Would you like to have soft, shining, young and beautiful skin? Well, who would not? Of course, you do. But reviewing skin care products you may be unpleasantly surprised by their prices. It might seem that to have well tended skin is too expensive and it takes too much time, trouble and care to have it. Besides, not all the products deliver the results they promise. But, the good news is you can make your skin care very affordable and have the high end quality skin care products right in your home on your kitchen. Learn how to open up a ‘beauty salon’ for your own skin and give it daily, effective and affordable care it deserves.

If you have noticed, most cosmetic firms claim they make their wonder creams or other skin care products based on natural ingredients. What is more, most of us have those same ingredients right in our fridges. Only in most cases we have no clue of how to apply them to our skin or use them in our daily skin care routine. So, we go to stores and pay much money for the little bits of those same ingredients, presented to us in those nice looking little bottles and cans of something.

In many cases, with those essential and natural skin care ingredients you also pay your money for all kinds of chemicals, used for coloring or preserving creams or lotions from getting spoiled. So, why not learn to apply those same things sold to you for big money right in your home?

Well, let us start. First thing you need to do to find the best homemade skin care products, is to determine what kind of skin you have. Naturally, dry, combined or greasy skin requires different kinds of approaches and care. Sometimes, you may use the same ingredients for all those kinds of skin, but in different combinations.

Now, there are several basic care things you can do for your skin. Those are: cleaning it, moisturizing it, feeding it and correcting it. All these you can do right at home using what you have in your kitchen or in your fridge. Let’s start with cleaning.

Here is one simple skin care and cleaning recipe you can apply at home. It is good not only for your face skin, but for your entire body skin care. Most ladies use various scrubs for so called ‘mechanical’ cleaning of their skin. They are great to use once or twice a week. Most scrubs contain little parts of fruit stones. However, the most basic thing anyone has at home that can be used as scrum is large grain salt. You can rub it into your skin, as any scrub.

Though, many of us have dry or sensitive skin and using salt is not a very pleasant experience. Thus, I offer you a great and cheap, but very effective solution. Use some ground coffee as your scrub. You can apply it not only to your face but to your entire body. Coffee does not make dry skin dry. It is very effective in scrubbing and besides it possesses strong antioxidant and nutrition value. So, if you scrub it in and leave it there for several minutes you get your skin not only cleaned, but refreshed and fed. Try using coffee for few weeks and you will see, how your skin becomes silky.

Another great homemade skin care thing you can apply to your skin is curd or soft cheese. It can be applied to any kind of skin, only with different ingredient added to it. What it does to your skin, it feeds it and it provides very fast micro lifting effect. You would be surprised of the effect, produced by a curd mask applied to your face. If you have a dry skin, mix about one or two tea spoons of curd with several drops of olive oil or fat cream. If you have greasy skin, replace oil or cream with sour cream or milk. Put it on your face skin, avoiding spots around your eyes and mouth and leave it there for 15-20 min.

Gently wash it of with warm water and dry your face touching it with soft towel. You will immediately feel and see the results. Your skin will feel softened, lift up and fed! You can apply this simple mask couple times a week. You can actually use it about half an hour before you leave for some event. Of course, this fast lifting effect won’t last for days, but it will certainly improve your looks the day you use it.

Another great and cheap home skin care ingredient, which makes your face and neck skin healthy and looking great, is yeast. It is more preferably to use fresh yeast, and not dried one. You mix it with a bit of milk. If you have dry skin, add couple of drops of olive oil to it and apply it to your face and neck skin. Leave it there for 15 min and gently wash off with warm water. It will refresh, feed, moisturise and lift your skin. You can use this mask twice a week.

Ladies with dry, sensitive and wrinkled skin can benefit greatly from using goat milk. Of course, it may not be easy to get this fresh product in cities or towns, but it produces amazing results in skin care. All you need is about half tea spoon of goat milk cream a day. Cleanse your skin, dry it and apply the goat milk or cream, which rises to the top of the milk bottle to your skin. And, leave it there. If your skin usually required several moisturising procedures a day and you still feel some dryness and discomfort, you will surely forget about it using goat milk or cream. Just few minutes after you apply it, your skin becomes soft, moisturised and as nice to the touch as baby’s.

Hopefully, those healthy skin home recipes would help you to take great care of your skin at very affordable price and always look young, fresh and blooming.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas. These thoughts of yours are very much useful to the readers. I never thought that the best products for a healthy skin are found in our homes. Great article!

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