Fitness in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time for women but did you know it is the best time to go on or even start doing your fitness workouts regularly? Of course, this special time requires special exercises. No regular fitness programs can work for a pregnant woman. So, in this article we will take a look at some of the pregnancy fitness ideas and rules.

First let us discuss, what positive effect fitness workouts can do both for you and your baby. Most ladies experience various physical discomfort symptoms during morning hours. This can become a very trying and upsetting thing during the pregnancy. But, fitness comes to our aid and helps pregnant ladies to reduce significantly or even to get rid completely off those unpleasant experiences.

Another great advantage of workouts during the pregnancy time is that you not only build up your muscles and stay fit, but you also help the baby inside of you to be more active and healthy. She is also working out inside of you, while you do your exercises and this prepares your little one for the future out of womb experiences with fitness and active style of life.

And, of course, there is the great value of pregnancy time fitness for your after pregnancy restoration time. If you keep yourself in good physical shape, it would be much easier for you to recover after the birth of your baby and to bring your body shape back to normal.

Now, there is one thing you should know about pregnancy  fitness. That is the time you can actually start or go on with your workouts. Always consult your doctor on the matter. And, do not start working out before the 12-16th weeks of your pregnancy, because loading yourself up with physical exercises during the early pregnancy terms can provoke miscarriage.

Here are some good and safe workout ideas of what you can do during your pregnancy time. Such things as jogging or light cardio workouts are good for pregnant women. You may also do some aerobics or even powerlifting, if you doctor does not object to it and if your workouts are fitted to your present condition. You can also do some bicycling, playing tennis or attending special pregnancy yoga  courses.

The best thing, of course, is to do your training with your personal coach. This way you can be sure there is no harm done. But, in any case, your best adviser on this matter is your own body. Be very attentive to how it reacts to any kind of physical activities. Such things as headaches, short breath or too much pain in your muscles should warn you against overloading yourself with your fitness workouts.

The kinds of workouts to avoid are any kind of belly muscle stretching exercises, jumping, extreme sports, etc. As well as, working on your lower belly muscles, as this group of muscles is going to take on the major work, while you are carrying your baby and it grows inside of you.

When you are on your second half of the pregnancy term and your baby has grown much, it can be very hard to carry him or her and many ladies deal with back aches during this time. It might seem impossible to do any kind of workouts, when you feel like even simple walking can be tyring. Nevertheless, you might be surprised to discover how simple and easy fitness exercises can ease up your back pain and other unpleasant bodily sensations.

Of course, it is hard to squat during this time, and when something falls down, you really do not feel like  lifting it up. But, you may be surprised to find what a great relief for your back it is to slowly bow down with your entire upper body part, and with your happy belly sort of ‘hanging’ down and loosening all the strain from your back. It can be a very peasant and useful exercise, no matter how simple it sounds. It helps your back to rest a bit and gets some work for your belly muscles. Only it has to be done very slowly and carefully. This way you won’t be fretting picking things up from the floor anymore.

Another important aspect of fitness workouts during your pregnancy time is your mental and emotional approach to it. When you do your pregnancy workouts, you should not do them hoping to reduce your body weight. This is not a good time for it. You will have plenty of time and efforts invested into loosing weight after your pregnancy is over. But, doing your pregnancy workouts, you make a great investment into your further weight loss success.

It is also very important not to cut down on your healthy food ration, when doing workouts during your pregnancy time. Every time you go for a workout, you need to refill your body carbohydrates level. You can do it by eating whole grain bread, rise or other cereals some 2 hours before your workout time. Plus, you have to keep in mind the need to compensate the calories you loose during your working out. As it was already mentioned, pregnancy is not a good time to loose weight. Your primary goal in fitness has to be strengthening your muscles. So, try to adjust your ration to your workout schedule.

Besides, you have to watch carefully your water balance during your workouts. So, drink in one or two glasses of clean water about half an hour before you workout time and take a bottle of clean water with you to drink it wherever you feel thirsty.

Hopefully, those little hints and ideas on pregnancy fitness will help you to keep yourself and your baby healthy, happy, fit and strong during the entire pregnancy period and will help you make it the happiest and most enjoyable time in your life.

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