Home Fitness Gym: Your No Excuses Solution To Get You In Shape

Get in shape with a home fitness gym

Getting fit at home is becoming increasing popular as home fitness gyms come down in price and become affordable.   You’d have to be hiding under a rock somewhere if you didn’t know that fitness programs are vital to keep your healthy and sustain wellness.  This is absolutely true if you are one of the many who need to watch their cholesterol, bloodpressure and blood sugar levels.   And at the risk of sounding like that loud obnoxious sales person – Wait there’s more – exercise helps to increase your energy, reduces your risk of cancer, and heart disease, not to mention helping you get to your happy place because of the endorphins that you release when you exercise.

Home fitness gyms are proving to be a winner for many of us because they save us precious time.

It is undeniably convenient to be able to get your workout at home.  It saves so much time – no driving, to packing up gym wear, no traffic – no excuses.  Not only that – its private, and a lot of us want to be able to exercise without feeling self-conscious.   Believe me, I know what that feels like.  You think its fun to hop on the elliptical and get sympathy looks from the younger fitter crowd as I work my elephant thighs.  Not particularly.  But you know – sometimes you just gotta do what you’ve gotta do – and at the end of the day, I guess I’d rather do it at home.    The one downside is that there is no personal trainer at home.   A solution to that might be to hire one for a short time to help you work at suitable exercise program at home.   But for me, I have found that the convenience of being able to get up and exercise before the day has really begun gets me in a better frame of mind right away.  For one thing, at least if nothing else, one thing has gone well for me already.  I exercised, can feel a little bit virtuous and don’t have it hanging over my head with excuses beginning to find their way in to my mind once the day wears on and I become tired.

So if you have made up your mind that exercising at home is for you, and you are in the market for a home gym then you are not alone.  Not at all.  Its not been all that long really, since intentional exercise (like treadmills and elliptical machines) became mainstream.  In the early days, on fitness centers had them really and very few were sold to the family home.  These days, its different a huge 35% of the market is made for home use.  Well now – what does that mean for YOU, the consumer?  Prices have come down, flexibility has increased and technology and paved the way for fun exercise with music programs and even virtual personal trainers. So you want to check out all the different functions available

Personally I like to have a weight loss program as well as a cardio program.  Most importantly you want your equipment to be safe, and you don’t want it breaking down after 6 months so make sure you do your research for it.   Surprisingly, they don’t need to be as expensive as you might think.  They can have quite a number of functions for less than the cost of a year’s gym membership.   You might even do much better having a home gym.  Studies show that women who exercise at home actually do lose more weight and stick at it longer.  Not only that if you are using something simple like a treadmill or an elliptical then weight bearing exercise is more effective than lifting iron anyway.

So lets just say that you have decided to get in shape and are considering a home gym.  Where will you put it?

A very important question I’m sure you agree.  Luckily these days, home gyms are becoming more compact and don’t take a very big space in your room.   Even better some fold right up and can be stored in a cupboard or under your bed.  Even better I say…..well – honestly for me, if its not out and set up – then that’s just one more excuse not to use it – so I opted for the small, foldable, but remains set up kind.

Assessing your needs is what it’s all about when choosing a home gym.  What you need is out there; you just have to decide what type you want.  It’s a seriously good investment in your present and future health and well-being.  For me it takes about 6 weeks of dedication before I get to see benefits, and that’s what I remind myself about in those early days when I’d way rather not do it.  You know what they say – no pain no gain.  But its so worth it.

One final thought about all of this.  When you are shopping around, don’t forget to try it out in the store first. I have done this numerous times.  It’s a bit like being in the gym…..everyone looking…..nah, just kiddin.   Really, you want to try this out first.  Another good tip is to read reviews before you buy – you will do much better with a bit of research under your belt.

Investing in a home gym is a smart move for busy women who want to get fit and stay in shape.

It’s there, it’s easy, and it saves time.   And don’t forget the most important thing of all.  If you want to take of others you need to take care of yourself first.   That’s a motivating factor for many of us.  We don’t want to go down too young from stroke, heart disease, diabetes or other debilitating lifestyle disease.  Working out most days of the week for 30 minutes, a healthy diet with lots of fruit and veges, a nice glass of red and of course not smoking is a tried and true recipe for living long.  A home gym is one sound investment to help keep you at your peak.  You never know your other half might get the hint too.

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