Getting rid of cellulite

You haven’t heard of cellulite? Well, you must be living in Mars or in some distant woods of Amazonia! In our days of high physical beauty demands and poor ecology together with bad eating habits cellulite has become a real scourge for most ladies. So, in this article we will take a look at some effective and fast ways to get rid of cellulite .

Before we can really find any cures for cellulite, we have to gain some basic knowledge on this ‘enemy’. Is cellulite a medical or cosmetic problem and what is it caused by? Well, as you may already know, cellulite is the fat cells, which hide high up under our skin in the places, where muscles have the less physical load of work. Most commonly we deal with cellulite on our hips, belly or lower back.

Now, we all, even kids have some measure of fat on their bones, but somehow kids’ fat does not look so ugly and does manifest itself in the form of orange skin. Why is that? Just because kids have healthy liver, quite able to disable and neutralize all the toxins kids consumer with their food and water. But growing up our liver gets a bit overloaded with work and cannot manage the quantities of toxins we feed it with daily. That is why this under skin fat stops being nice and smooth. It stores those toxins and manifests itself in the form of this hideous ‘little’ problem we have, called cellulite.

So, as you may see, the root cause of cellulite is not only extra fat you store in your body, but fat, contaminated by toxins. This means just the low fat diet cannot become a fast solution to this problem, as you need not only to reduce your body weight to get rid of cellulite, but also to clean your body of  those toxins.

Naturally, there are couple of effective things to do to help your body to deal with this problem. And the first one of them is to focus on improving your health. Of course, introducing healthy changes to your eating habits is the part of effective cellulite problem solution. And it can be used together with some such ‘mechanical’ means, as massage or exercising.

So, where do we start? First, one has to change the diet. Stop eating junk food, various ready foods and start do more of the home cooking, using natural and organic ingredients. Of course, introducing more vegetables and fruits helps, too. Because this way your body gets all the nutrients it needs not only to build up its cells properly, but also to restore its organs and to neutralize and get rid of toxins.

Eating more spices can help, too. They assist your body in detoxing and burning fats. Drinking a lot of the milk and especially fermented milk foods helps restoring your digestion system. And, you as may know, up to 90 percents of your immune system and health mechanisms are located in your digestion system. Besides, it helps your body to remove all the bad elements it has stored over the years.  You need to detox.

Drinking lots of water helps wash out toxins from your body, only you have to make sure you use clean water. No sodas or sweet drinks and no alcohol, that is if you really want to forget about cellulite!

However, no matter how well you tend your body and how healthy you live, your body still needs a helpmate. And that helpmate is your mind or soul, call it whatever you wish. No diet and no workout can really produce the desired, fast and effective results, if you constantly experience stress! So piece of mind is one of the essential anti cellulite components to fight off this problem.

When your mind is constantly distressed, all its organs’ functions go wrong and the mind under stress sends your body an order to store as much fat as it can. This is its sort of subconscious solution of the problem. That is why you get hungry so often, when you are distressed. And, with that fat you naturally store more and more toxins, which make your fat cells look so ugly and show on your best body parts, marring your great looks, even if you are as thin as you can dream to be!

So, one of the most effective cellulite ‘killers’ is staying calm and enjoying your life. There are many things you can do to achieve it. Yoga is one way to calm yourself down. Creativity and various arts or sports can also help you to improve your state of the mind and take your emotions under control. And consequently help your body to come out of the distress and fat storing mode.

As you may see, cellulite is not only physical or cosmetic problem. It is our general lifestyle problem, including our phycological state, eating habits and the level of overall happiness in life. Thus, to win over it one has to introduce positive changes on all levels: physical and emotional. Good luck to you in this fight and easy and happy victories.

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