Getting back your body.

I know, if you are feeling depressed looking at your mirror reflection after you had your baby, it won’t be much comforting to say, we all feel this way. But I have some good news for you. Those changes are not forever and if you only want to make them go away, it is in your power to do so! And this article provides some practical solutions and young mothers’ fitness and workout ideas. Read on.

First I want to start with a warning: do not rush things and do not attempt to achieve the desired results fast. It does take some time after the delivery for your body to heal up and come back to normal. So, do not force things. Take at least six weeks after your new arrival for your body restoration and visit your doctor before you start any exercising.

Now, after having their babies most ladies are very much troubled with the looks of their bellies. We have to acknowledge, most of us feel awful about how big it grew and how unfit it became. Of course, there was a good reason for it to grow, but now, when it is over and we hold our precious little chaps in our hands, we do want things to go back to  normal and to have nice looking, flat and fit bellies. And, this is more than possible. However, again, do not rush things! You belly muscles got very much stretched out during your pregnancy and it takes time for them to go back to normal.

What you need to do before you actually start working out with your belly, is to determine how stretched your muscles are. The regular type of belly workouts can be started only after your muscles restore to normal. You can easily do the check up of your belly muscles at home and should do it daily to see the progress. Here is what you should do: lay down on your back and bow your knees, put your hands on your belly in the area of your bellybutton. Lift up your head and shoulders off the floor and touch your belly with your hands. This way you will feel how stretched are you belly muscles and see if there are any gaps in between them.

As a rule, those belly muscle gaps can be up to two fingers wide. But with a time, as you go through you daily life routine and do your work tending baby, the muscles will come back to normal. Do this check up daily and start your regular belly workouts no sooner, than the muscle gaps disappear. Otherwise, you run a risk of injuring yourself.

Now, here is a simple, sparing but effective belly fitness exercise for your workouts. You will need a large towel to do it. Roll a large towel around your belly, lay down on your back and bow your knees, so your heels would be lined up with your tailbone. Hold the towel on both sides with your hands. Lift up your head and shoulders off the floor, breath in and strain your belly. And, at the same time tighten up the towel, rolled around it. This way you give your belly some load of work, but the towel helps to fix the stretched muscles and to stretch them back to normal. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times a day. But keep on checking your muscles gaps daily to see the progress.

Of course, most young mothers know, it is hard to find time for workouts with little babies on their hands. But, that is the best thing about the afterbirth fitness. Actually, you do not need to leave you baby to do your fitness exercises. You can enjoy your workouts with your baby on your hands. You may either find a special mother and baby workout group or find some easy but effective exercises to do at home. The best thing about such workouts is that both, you and your baby will get positive emotions from it and benefit physically.

Here are some things you can do as a part of your fitness program with your baby on your hands. The easiest thing you can do even with a very little baby on your hands is dancing. Hold your baby tight in your arms and make sure to hold his or her head tight against your breast. Turn on a nice music and do some dancing. You both will enjoy it, I guarantee.

Now, you can also do your belly workouts with your little one. If your baby cannot sit yet, lay down on your back, bow your knees and put your baby with his or her belly on the top of your knees holding by their arms or around armpits. Now you can start working out on your belly muscles by lifting up your head and shoulders towards your baby, or by moving your bowed legs to and fro a bit. With the extra weight of baby on your legs such an exercise will help you to bring you belly muscles back to normal fast.

Or, if your baby can sit, you can sit him or her up on your belly, laying down on your back, hold the baby by the hands and start reaching up to him or her for a kiss. Soon the baby will learn what to do and will start reaching down to you, too. This indeed is a very enjoyable workout both for the mom and the young one.

So, as you can see, starting your fitness program after your new arrival and gaining back the body of your dream can be a very entertaining and pleasant activity, even if you have only few minutes a day to dedicate to it

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