Dieting Vs Nutrition: Losing Weight

Are you one of the many, who are fighting constantly to lose weight or to stay fit and fight against gaining weight? If your answer is “Yes”, than I do not doubt you already have tried a good deal of different kinds of ‘cures’ for this problem, starting with ‘miracle pills’ and ending up with cruel dieting and arduous work outs. Well, in this article I will not offer you any of the easy, fast or ‘miracle’ ways to solve your difficulty, because gaining extra weight or being overweight is really not the root of the problem. In most cases it is only a symptom. You can be thin, you can be fat, but in both cases you still can be unhealthy and unhappy with your life. So, here I would like us to take a look at deeper matters and discuss dieting vs. healthy nutrition in the process.

I bet you have heard or read about all kinds of diets and maybe right now you are looking for information on what kind of diet would suit you best and produce the best results. You know, dieting can help you to lose weight and can be effective, if you are very self disciplined and have the will not only to ‘starve’ for a certain period of time, but to go on ‘starving’ and denying yourself a pleasure of your favorite foods as long as you live! Yes, you get temporary results dieting, but you start gaining weight as soon is you are over your diet days, weeks or months. I know how it feels: hurrah, I can eat again! And, there you go. Actually, you run a risk of gaining more pounds during this after dieting period, than you have managed to lose with all the trouble, hardships and tears during your dieting time.

So, is there an alternative to dieting, when you can live your life, enjoy it fully and still be fit and healthy, not suffering from extra weight and social problems, caused by it? I believe, there is. And healthy nutrition is just a part of it. I think the biggest dieting or being overweight problem is not the food, it is your attitude towards it. We both know that most ‘delicious’ and favorite foods thought to be unhealthy and have to be excluded from a good fast weight loss diet. But, did you every think about why those foods become our favorites and why we dislike the taste of many healthy foods?

The question is: who told you that hamburgers or candies are delicious, while honey or cherries are not? Who told you that white bread is tastier than brown or whole grain one? Was it your own decision and preferences, or was it something enforced to you by advertising, by your society or your family? You know what? I personally discovered that many of my taste preferences were not my own. I did not actually made a conscious decision on what foods were my favorite. I just went with a flow. And, along the way some people taught me to like such ‘unlikable’ things as porridge or whole grains, while most of my food preferences were formed by fashion, advertising or family traditions.

So, here is my personal solution for healthy, fit and happy life: I have become more conscious about foods and I have taken up full responsibility not only for things I eat, but for the things I LIKE to eat! There simply came a time, when I asked myself: why do I like potato chips better than broccoli? Do they really taste that well? I decided to put it to the test, to see what I really liked and what I was just used to eating. And, I have also done some self educating on what different kinds of food do to my body. I did not calculate any calories, neither did I consider how fast I can lose weight using certain foods. I just have made up my mind on what kind of food is good for me, cooked it or ordered it in a restaurant and tried it out.

Besides, I have completely changed my goal. Instead of putting it this way: I want to lose weight, or I want to stop gaining weight and start burning fat; I have put it like this: I want to have a happy, satisfying and healthy life! You know, I have been extra thin in my life and could proudly fit in any pair of jeans in the store, and I had times, when I gained extra weight, but in both cases I wasn’t happy and was not contented with the state of my health. I do not believe a person can be happy, when they are feeling ill in their body. So, I decided, if I want to be happy, I have to be healthy.

And, you know what? It really changes all. Most healthy nutrition foods are actually good for burning fat and losing weight. So, when I opened up my mind and tried the taste of those foods, I discovered, I liked them and I liked them a lot. And, when I found out, how bad some of the ‘tasty’ foods are for my body, somehow those foods, such as soda, chips, hamburgers and other junk food, ceased to seem tasty to me. Now I think they are too expensive (if you consider the amount you get for the money you pay), harmful and I do not like their taste anymore. Of course, there is a certain period of strife, when you mind readjusts to new mode, but after it I do not feel any discomfort not eating that stuff. All the ‘temptation’ has gone out of unhealthy foods.

Now, I do not have to be on a diet anymore. And, I do not have to fight to lose weight, because when your body gets all the nutrients it needs and when it stops fighting against all the junk you feed it, it brings your weight back to normal NATURALLY. So, why should one go with healthy nutrition vs. dieting? Just because it is the easiest way to live a life with no restriction and constant strife as to what you eat and what you really like to eat.

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