Correct Nutrition for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in ladies’ life, even though some of us feel at times that it can be pretty trying in many respects, including nutrition. Though, the good news is that in many ways it is completely up to you to change or reduce negative physical aspects of pregnancy. And, in this article we will talk about proper nutrition for pregnant women and how you can maintain and better your health, the health of your baby and ease up your future after birth restoration period.

One of the first things to mention about pregnancy time is the change of taste many women go through. This rapid change of taste is determined by the change in the overall body hormone level and actually it can serve you as some sort of a guide on your nutrition. By being attentive to your body desires and taste preferences you can determine what kind of elements or nutrition ingredients it requires during certain periods of time.

Though, I have to mention this one thing: pregnancy time is no good reason to pumper your body and taste buds with eating anything that comes to your mind and make an excessive use of junk foods, sweets, etc. On the contrary, pregnancy is the perfect time to change your eating habits to more healthy ones. So, further on let us take a look as some guidelines on pregnancy healthy nutrition.

Now, there is one commonly promoted concept that has to be avoided following during your pregnancy time. Some people believe a pregnant woman has to two eat double portions to feed her own body and her baby. That is a misconception and it is not true. At the same time, pregnancy obviously is not the time to lose weight. So, the nutrition has to be balanced and has to include three major groups of nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Again, pregnancy is no good time to experiment with low fat or fat free diets and other things like that. Healthy and natural fats are not only good, but extremely necessary both for your and your baby’s body. An average number of calories a day, recommended for pregnant women is 2500-3000 calories.

If you are not familiar with how to calculate your calories in food, there is really no need to start now. You can simply follow some general pregnancy nutrition guidelines to make your ration healthy and sufficient for both of you, but not excessive.

So, what is good for you during your pregnancy time? Of course, we start with vegetables and fruit. They are the best source of vitamins for your body.  No synthetic replicants can really refill what you can get from eating fresh and organic vegetables and fruit. So, it is the best time for you to start learning how to love eating vegetable. That is if you have not done that already. Green salads and cabbages are among the best vegetables you can eat.

Next, we come to various cereals. The best among them is buckwheat. It is rich with many micro elements and vitamins, as well as with highly digestible carbohydrates. And, unlike rice, it does not have any such negative side effects, as constipation, which can be a delicate problem of many pregnant women.

Various sea products, fish and diet meet is a valid part of pregnancy nutrition. However, you should avoid eating much of fried and smoked foods or meat during this time.   The same is true about salty foods and salty fish. Or pickled products. Salt promotes your body enema and prevents all the extra water from going out.

Of course, sweets is the big issue for many ladies, even non pregnant ones. And some of us feel like pregnancy is a great time to indulge yourself and eat all sort of things you never dared to eat otherwise. Though, I guess you understand it is not so. Of course, pregnant ladies do gain extra weight and not only due to the growth of the babies inside of them. It is a completely natural process to gain couple of extra pounds on your belly or your hips. That is how your body stores all the nutrients it needs for the baby and for the future breast feeding time.

However, gaining too much of extra weight can cause various problems both for you and your baby. You may have hard time delivering your little one due to extra weight you gain and surely you will have much trouble losing it after your pregnancy is over. Of course, there is no need to deny yourself any sweets at all, but try to avoid eating cream sweets and cakes, sweets with artificial sweeteners and coloring agents.

Try to use more natural sweets, such as honey, fruits, brown sugar or homemade sweets. They are much healthier for you. You may also eat more whole grain sweets, corn or rye flour sweets, instead of wheat flour sweets.

And, of course, there is a big need to exclude any type of alcohol drinks from your ration during the pregnancy time; together with various soda drinks. They are not good neither for you, nor for your baby. Moreover, they can be quite harmful.

Keep in mind, that all the healthy nutrition habits you form during your pregnancy time will not only have great and positive impact on your and your baby’s health, but will also prepare you for the time of breast feeding. During this time you would have to be very careful as to what you eat and how much you eat, so you would not hurt your baby. And, of course, forming healthy eating habits will help you to lose weight fast and to maintain the body of your dream during your entire life.

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