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  • Sprouted Rice Best For Health

    Sprouted Rice Best For Health

    With the raw food movement gaining popularity sprouted rice is all over the internet. It used to be hard to find much about it but in the last 12 months or so  sprouted rice has become popular as a raw food.  Now I’m not a raw foodie purist.  And although  I do believe in eating […]

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  • Keeping your skin healthy

    Keeping your skin healthy

    Would you like to have soft, shining, young and beautiful skin? Well, who would not? Of course, you do. But reviewing skin care products you may be unpleasantly surprised by their prices. It might seem that to have well tended skin is too expensive and it takes too much time, trouble and care to have […]

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  • Loving your new healthy living

    Loving your new healthy living

    Do you feel like it is really time for you to change something about your style of life and make it healthier? But you are afraid, you won’t like healthy living a bit. Well, then this article is meant to help you and to let you know you are not alone. Many people would  gladly […]

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  • Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie: Superfood

    Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie: Superfood

    If you want a delicious, healthy, super food pumpkin pie recipe that is free from artificial ingredients and from added sugars then you need to try this. I use a high speed blender which makes this recipe really easy. You can use a regular one but a high speed blender gives really smooth professional results. As […]

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  • Correct Nutrition for Pregnancy

    Correct Nutrition for Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a wonderful period in ladies’ life, even though some of us feel at times that it can be pretty trying in many respects, including nutrition. Though, the good news is that in many ways it is completely up to you to change or reduce negative physical aspects of pregnancy. And, in this article […]

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  • Dieting Vs Nutrition: Losing Weight

    Dieting Vs Nutrition: Losing Weight

    Are you one of the many, who are fighting constantly to lose weight or to stay fit and fight against gaining weight? If your answer is “Yes”, than I do not doubt you already have tried a good deal of different kinds of ‘cures’ for this problem, starting with ‘miracle pills’ and ending up with […]

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  • Too much? Too little? Water

    Too much? Too little? Water

    Water is one of the most important things for life and it is essential for good health to have enough of it everyday.  It’s needed for every celluar action of you body, it carries oxygen and water soluble vitamins through your body, allows minerals to become accessable to the body by disolving them, keeps your eyes, mouth, and […]

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