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  • Correct Nutrition for Pregnancy

    Correct Nutrition for Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a wonderful period in ladies’ life, even though some of us feel at times that it can be pretty trying in many respects, including nutrition. Though, the good news is that in many ways it is completely up to you to change or reduce negative physical aspects of pregnancy. And, in this article […]

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  • Nutrition and the Twinkie Diet

    Nutrition and the Twinkie Diet

    Occasionally something comes along that is just so weird I have to comment on it. And here it is. A nutrition professor from Kansas University Mark Haub, put himself on an 1800 calorie junk food diet that included cereal, milk, one can of green beans, 4 sticks of celery, a protein shake a multivitamin and twinkies, […]

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  • Health Benefits of Fish Oil

    Health Benefits of Fish Oil

    If you are overweight, diabetic  or have other health problems that create inflammatory conditions in your body you might be interested in some new research on fish oil which has shown exactly how fish oil reduces inflammation. Researchers are so excited that eventually a drug might be developed to mimic what fish oil does. Here’s […]

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