Anti-Aging Foods: Berry Smoothie

If you want to keep your skin young eat some berries every day.
Berries are full of antioxidants and the compound Ellagic Acid which is essential if you want to keep young looking skin. I use a combination of fruits to get the best amount of antioxidant available. The combination of berries and apples really boosts the antioxidant capacity for my berry smoothie. It turns out that combining certain antioxidants with others has a synergistic effect supplying a greater impact to our bodies than any one of the antioxidants alone and one of these days I’ll do a post about synergy of antioxidants. To make smoothies I use a high speed blender. If you don’t have one, I really recommend you get one.

Its important to burst the cell walls of fruit and vegetables thoroughly to allow maximum absorption of the valuable compounds plants have to offer us. High speed blenders are an invaluable kitchen tool for this job.  Regular blenders don’t have the capacity to do that well as high speed blenders do.

Always get organic apples and berries if you can. Studies are mixed on whether organic produce contains more nutrients. The reason is because it depends on the soil quality. Locally grown may be a perfectly acceptable option if you know that the food hasn’t been loaded with pesticides, and locally grown would be my preference if I was confident the produce was not polluted. But otherwise, I’m getting organic. Apples come under one of the ‘dirty dozen’ for pesticides and chemical residue. Since I eat them every single day I don’t want to be adding that to my body, and you shouldn’t either. If you can’t obtain them, then get yourself a good vegetable wash.

Both apples and berries have elements that are protective for the skin. Apples contain the phytochemical querctin which does loads of good things for the body such as reduce cancer risk. For the skin it is an anti-inflammatory and decrease cell damage and prevent it too, because of its antioxidant action. And its long acting too, it stays in the body for about 15-16 hours.  I discussed berries in an earlier post, they contain high amounts of ellagic acid which helps prevent the degradation of collagen in the skin and also good amount of vitamin C, important for building collagen.

The combo of berries and apples provides a synergistic effect. What research has found is that the anti cancer properties of both ellagic acid and querctin are increased when they are in combination with each other, compared to what either one alone is able to do. If you want an even better synergistic result add grapes too. I don’t really like them in my smoothies, but I have been known to sip my Berry-Apple Smoothie while munching on a few grapes. It’s a great pick me up.

I use organic Greek non-fat yogurt for my smoothies. I like natural yogurts of all kind, but especially like the Greek Yogurt because it has a higher protein content which helps to keep me satisfied and good amounts of protein are necessary for the skin to help prevent sagging. It also has higher levels of calcium. Make one of these every day for your and your family. They will love them.

Berry-Apple Smoothie
Makes 4  12 ounce servings
2 cups of frozen berries  (organic if your budget allows)
1 apple quartered (with skin and seeds)
1 cup of Greek Yogurt (non fat)
Place apples in your blender
Place berries on top
Add yogurt
Add a little bit of water to assist blending (just about ¼ cup)
Blend on the soup cycle.

That’s it! Bon Appetit!

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